About Karishma Desai​

Director of Account
  • Department: Client Relationship Management
We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our clients, and we are thrilled to have Karishma Desai help us achieve this goal in her role as the member of our Board and Director of Account. She is an entrepreneur, with a strong background in sales and extensive corporate experience, who is passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals and maximize their potential. She is also a Bestselling Author, keynote speaker, coach, and advocates inclusive workplace, women’s empowerment, and conscious leadership. As a thought leader, she inspires audiences with her innovative ideas and insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and Inclusive work places. At Five Minutes Australia, we share Karishma’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives aimed at creating opportunities for women to succeed in their careers. Her work as a coach has helped countless individuals and teams achieve success by leveraging their strengths and maximizing their potential. Karishma’s passion for excellence and commitment to empowering businesses to achieve their goals makes her an invaluable asset to our clients. We are dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions that drive growth and success, and Karishma plays a key role in helping us achieve this goal.
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