Syed Hussain (Kishan) Siraj

  • Department: Web Development
Syed Hussain Siraj (Kishan) is a technologist who focuses on real life issues that can be solved using technology.

After working in India in firms such as Tata Consultancy Services, Kishan spent over 12 years in the US at firms such as Citi, Merryl Lynch etc, many of those in leadership levels. This has given him a good exposure on how the finance and technology worlds work on Wall Street.

After coming back to India, Kishan headed a technology organisation whose resources were handling some key technology related services for one of the largest private banks in India.
Kishan has launched ‘Five Minutes’, a technology product brand that aims to provide peace of mind using technology within five minutes. Five Minutes Farmers is one of the focus on changing the lives of farmers in India by utilising technology to come up with innovative solutions that will cause a large scale positive impact in the lives of people who need it the most. Five Minutes Health is another initiative under Five Minutes that aims to connect the healthcare professionals.

With this background, Kishan brings in the mix of these corporate and startup experiences into Sky Innovations.

While he is quite patriotic about India, he is also passionate about his family, friends, badminton and food. LinkedIn:
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